Celebrating National Sauce Month with CHEF iQ

Celebrating National Sauce Month with CHEF iQ

March is a time to embrace the rich, diverse world of sauces as we celebrate National Sauce Month. The origins of National Sauce Month may be shrouded in mystery, yet the historical significance of sauces in culinary traditions is well-documented. Dating back to 200 A.D., the Romans initially crafted sauces to mask the taste of food past its prime. Fast forward to 1965, the invention of Sauce Robert marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of sauces, leading to the vast array of flavors we relish today. From their humble beginnings to their modern-day gourmet status, sauces have transcended their original purpose, becoming integral to enhancing and complementing the flavors of dishes worldwide.


In honor of National Sauce Month, let's explore how the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker and the CHEF iQ App revolutionize how we prepare and enjoy sauces. With its precise temperature control and time-saving capabilities, the Smart Cooker is the perfect tool for crafting traditional and innovative sauces, ensuring rich flavors are developed even in a fraction of the time traditionally required.


Here are some gourmet sauces from the CHEF iQ App:

Bolognese Sauce

Traditionally, achieving Bolognese sauce's deep, complex flavors demands hours of slow simmering. However, with the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker, this time-honored Italian sauce, rich with a mix of ground beef, pork, and pancetta, can be prepared in considerably less time without sacrificing authenticity. This hearty sauce pairs beautifully with pasta or polenta, offering a comforting meal perfect for any day of the week.


Ingredients: Olive oil, onion, carrot, celery, ground beef, ground pork, pancetta, salt, black pepper, garlic cloves, tomato paste, red wine, whole tomatoes, beef broth, parsley, pappardelle or other pasta, freshly grated pecorino.

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Vegan Bolognese

The Vegan Bolognese re-imagines the classic with a sustainable, plant-based twist that appeals to vegans and those looking to reduce their meat consumption. Utilizing Baby Bella mushrooms and walnuts for texture and nutritional yeast for a cheesy depth, this sauce challenges and delights the palate, making it a must-try for both traditionalists and adventurers alike.


Ingredients: Baby Bella mushrooms, walnuts, olive oil, onion, carrot, celery stalk, garlic, tomato paste, kalamata olives, Italian seasoning, sugar, salt, vegetable broth, red wine, tomatoes, basil, nutritional yeast.

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Marinara Sauce

The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker transforms the process of making marinara sauce, condensing hours of simmering into a quick, straightforward procedure that yields a sauce bursting with the fresh flavors of tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. Serve this classic sauce hot over your favorite pasta for a satisfying meal.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, onions, garlic cloves, tomatoes, salt, sugar, fresh oregano, basil leaves, cooked pasta.

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Sunday Tomato Sauce

There's something inherently comforting about a Sunday Tomato Sauce, simmering away, ready to be spooned over pasta, polenta, or enjoyed with crusty bread. The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker ensures that this sauce, enriched with meats and Italian sausage, comes together effortlessly, filling your kitchen with aromas that promise a delicious meal.


Ingredients: Meatloaf mix, breadcrumbs, egg, whole milk, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, Italian sausage links, onion, garlic cloves, tomato paste, dry red wine, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, beef broth, Italian seasoning, bread or pasta for serving.

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Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Who says Alfredo sauce can't be vegan? This innovative recipe captures the essence of the beloved classic using cauliflower, nutritional yeast, and lemon juice to create a creamy, indulgent sauce entirely plant-based. It's perfect for pasta, casseroles or as a luxurious topping for roasted vegetables.


Ingredients: Olive oil, whole garlic cloves, cauliflower florets, vegetable broth, nutritional yeast, fresh lemon juice, salt, black pepper, cooked pasta.

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Barbecue Sauce

Creating your barbecue sauce is a simple way to elevate any grilled or smoked dish. This homemade version combines ketchup, dark brown sugar, and a hint of liquid smoke for a sauce infinitely better than anything in a bottle, perfect for enhancing ribs, chicken, or brisket.


Ingredients: Ketchup, dark brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, black pepper.

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Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Cinnamon

With its vibrant flavor and tart sweetness, homemade cranberry sauce is a world apart from its canned counterpart. Infused with orange and cinnamon, this sauce adds a festive touch to any meal, proving that some traditions are worth revisiting and reinventing.


Ingredients: Cranberries, orange juice, sugar, ground cinnamon, salt, orange zest.

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Basic Pesto

With its bright basil flavor and rich Parmesan, Pesto is a versatile addition to any culinary repertoire. Whether stirred into pasta, spread on sandwiches, or used as a marinade, this simple yet flavorful sauce is a testament to the power of fresh ingredients.


Ingredients: Pine nuts, garlic clove, Parmesan, salt, fresh basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil.


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Celebrating National Sauce Month with the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker opens up a world of culinary possibilities, inviting you to explore the depths of flavor that sauces can add to any dish. From the robust heartiness of a classic Bolognese to the innovative twist of a Vegan Alfredo, these recipes from the CHEF iQ App showcase the versatility and joy of sauce-making, encouraging cooks of all levels to experiment and indulge in the art of saucery.