2024 Food Trends to Watch and Cook

Nov 13, 2023

The internet, especially social media platforms, has become a crucible for emerging food trends in today's interconnected world. With their massive followings, influencers are pivotal in popularizing a range of culinary novelties, from the simple allure of soup to the surprising resurgence of tinned fish. However, these trends are not mere whims of online celebrities. They are reflections of broader societal shifts – economic, cultural, and even environmental. Understanding and predicting these trends is a complex task, often undertaken by experts and organizations dedicated to forecasting the culinary future.


After carefully analyzing various predictions and reports, we've compiled a list of trends poised to redefine the culinary landscape in 2024.

A Glimpse into the Future: Varied and Vibrant Food Trends

The Ascendancy of Buckwheat

With the wellness trend firmly rooted in the culinary world, the demand for gluten-free and prebiotic-rich foods is soaring. Buckwheat, a seed that mimics grains, emerges as a frontrunner. It's gluten-free, making it a go-to for those reducing gluten intake due to inflammation concerns, and its prebiotic nature aligns with the increasing focus on gut health.


Like quinoa, its versatility makes it a star in various dishes, from bread to waffles. Buckwheat is packed with antioxidants and fiber and quickly becomes a star in the health-conscious consumer's diet. With its grain-cooking capabilities, the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker is the perfect tool for experimenting with this trend.

Embracing Botanicals

The wellness trend also ushers in the rise of botanicals – a diverse group encompassing herbs, roots, and flowers. While not typically consumed alone, these ingredients are being creatively integrated into products like granola and beverages to enhance health benefits and flavor complexity.


Botanicals have evolved from their traditional role in teas to become key elements in modern drinks such as RTD shots and sparkling beverages, meeting demands for healthier soft drink options and innovative mocktail mixers. Botanicals' versatility means we might see them in many foods and drinks, including yogurts and pizza crusts, potentially transforming them into trendier, healthier versions. The CHEF iQ App can inspire home cooks to integrate these botanicals into everyday cooking.

Cacao Pulp Innovation

Historically seen as a by-product of chocolate making, cacao pulp is stepping into the limelight.


Driving this change is a growing emphasis on reducing food waste. Innovations like cacao pulp juice, with its unique fruity flavor and health benefits, are set to gain mainstream popularity. The trend is more than flavor; it's about sustainability and conscious consumption, aligning with modern consumers' values.

Mushroom Coffee and Beyond

Mushrooms are popular for their versatility and health benefits. Mushroom coffee, blending regular coffee with medicinal mushrooms, is gaining traction, propelled by claims of stress reduction and health support.


This trend aligns with the ongoing wellness obsession and will grow as products like these gain more visibility. Additionally, mushrooms are increasingly appreciated for their natural, unprocessed qualities, especially as a meat substitute, marking a shift towards more wholesome, less processed food options.

The Sweet Heat Wave

The intriguing blend of sweet and spicy, often called 'swicy,' is set to dominate palates in 2024. This flavor profile is already felt in restaurant dishes and is now accessible for home cooking through various new sauces and condiments.


The CHEF iQ Smart Thermometer could become essential for home chefs looking to perfect dishes that balance these bold flavors.

Bold Flavors in Beverages

Moving away from overly sweet profiles, beverages in 2024 are expected to embrace bolder, more complex flavors. This shift is likely to incorporate the rising popularity of botanicals, offering healthy and indulgent drinks.


Such beverages will cater to a broad audience looking for refreshing options that are flavorful yet health-conscious.

The Evolution of Plant-Based Seafood

With environmental and ethical concerns regarding overfishing and farm-reared seafood, plant-based seafood is becoming more prominent and affordable.


Innovations in cell-based products, which closely mimic the taste and texture of seafood, are expected to play a significant role in this trend.

Circular Food Economy in Beverages

The beverage industry increasingly embraces the circular food model, with companies innovatively using surplus ingredients.


From bread-based beers to vodka from excess baked goods, this trend addresses food waste and offers unique flavor profiles and ethical consumption choices.

The Gourmet Instant Noodle Trend

As life becomes increasingly fast-paced, the demand for convenience foods like instant noodles remains high. However, today's consumer is also flavor-focused. Gourmet instant noodles featuring high-quality ingredients in various flavors cater to this demand for convenience without sacrificing taste.


This trend is a perfect blend of practicality and gastronomic delight, likely to persist in 2024.

The Rise of Single-Serve Treats

Popularized on platforms like TikTok, single-serve treats align with the 'little treat culture' – the idea of rewarding oneself with small indulgences. This trend is reshaping the food industry, with businesses from cake shops to grocery stores adapting to the growing demand for these individual-sized treats.


In a world where more significant joys are less certain, these small luxuries offer a moment of pleasure and are likely to continue their rise in popularity.

Clean Energy Drinks on the Rise

The energy drink market is transforming, with a growing demand for healthier, natural alternatives. Clean energy drinks, made with green tea and honey, are set to break into the mainstream. These drinks appeal to health-conscious consumers seeking a natural energy boost without excessive sugar or artificial additives.

Focus on Women's Health in Food Products

Tailored nutrition for women is an emerging trend, with food products catering specifically to women's health needs across various life stages. From addressing menstrual discomfort to supporting hormonal balance, these products are gaining traction and establishing a significant segment in the food industry.


CHEF iQ's Smart Cooker, Smart Thermometer, and App will prove indispensable for adventurous cooks as these trends take shape. These tools offer the perfect blend of technology and culinary art, enabling users to effortlessly explore and adapt to these trends.


From precision cooking with the Smart Cooker to finding inspiration on the App, CHEF iQ ensures that embracing these upcoming food trends is easy and enjoyable culinary exploration.

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