What’s So Special About Slow Cooking?

What’s So Special About Slow Cooking?


Slow cooking involves preparing foods with low and steady heat over a period of four hours or more. Most slow cookers, like the Smart Cooker, have two temperature settings: Low and High. In this unpressurized and covered environment, the High temperature setting cooks a dish in four to six hours. The Low setting generally takes eight to ten hours to reach the same spectacular result. If you need a hand, check out the Calculator on the CHEF iQ App for timing and tips! Here’s why we think slow cooking is so special.


 1. Tenderize tough cuts of meat. 

After a long, slow cook, flavorful but tough muscles like pork shoulder become meltingly tender. These pieces are perfect for tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, and so much more. For a sumptuous meal, try slow cooking beef short ribs with red wine. Pro tip: For the deepest flavor, sear the meat right in your Smart Cooker before slow cooking.


2. Work with your schedule. 
One of the top benefits of slow cooking is that you don’t need to be there to do it. Simply set the timer, power through your workday, get your workout in, and run your errands—just in time for dinner.


3Deepen the flavor of your food. 
Spending some time in a pot together is a great way for ingredients to get to know one another, which is why slow cooking is especially well-suited for making soups and stews.


4Create one-pot meals for easy cleanup. 
Since slow cooking starts and ends with all the ingredients in one pot, you can expect cleanup as easy as the cooking process!


5Make nutritious and safe meals. 
The low heat used in slow cooking destroys fewer nutrients than high-heat cooking. Meat and other ingredients are also cooked more safely since any remaining bacteria are killed off by the steam and tightly sealed pot. Slow cooking is also an excellent way to cook legumes, which are a staple in many healthy diets!