The Apple of Your Eye

Oct 07, 2020

There are thousands of apple varieties grown across the U.S.A., with flavors ranging from sweet and honey-like to tangy and tart. An apple is a versatile cooking asset and can be a crisp addition to seasonal salads, fresh fruit bowls, or decadent desserts. Below, learn how you can bake, brown, or bite into these widely-grown apples all season long.


When it comes to baking, our standout is the Granny Smith. These crisp and green-skinned apples have a sourer flavor than many of their counterparts, making them a great fit for both savory and sweet dishes. This apple’s natural acidity lends itself to desserts, like pie and tarts, by cutting through the sweetness with some tangy notes.



The Honeycrisp has gained traction over the years due to its crunchy bite and bright flavor. This variety is relatively new, which means there tends to be a limited supply. If you get your hands on these fruits, you can eat them raw or add them to your baking rotation. Make sweet-tart Apple Butter to top your morning toast, or cook them into a moist cake.



The Fuji apple is best relished raw. These apples store well for extended periods of time, so you can snack all season long. Not only do they come off the tree sweet, but they also develop their flavor over time in storage. Cut into this crunchy variety and add them to your salads, or enjoy them with some honey for breakfast. 




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