Pressure Cooked Eggs

Jun 29, 2021

Making a hard-boiled egg is a seemingly simple task. The real test is whether said egg can be peeled without making a mess of the white. Ever since we started using the pressure cook function on our CHEF iQ Smart Cooker to hard “boil” eggs, they have come out perfectly: bright yellow yolks set just the way we like, and shells that slide right off. This leaves us with beautifully smooth, pock-free whites. So yes, we can boil an egg, but we would much rather pressure cook it. Thankfully, it’s super easy to do in a Smart Cooker. 

Whether you want to cook one egg or a dozen, the calculator on the CHEF iQ App will tell you how to do so. Simply plug in how many eggs you will be cooking, and the calculator will tell you which pressure level you need, the cook time, the pressure release method, and even how long the pressure will take to build. As a bonus, it does the same for soft- and medium-cooked eggs, too. 

If you need a little eggspiration for pressure cooking, try one of our delicious deviled egg recipes on the App. There’s Traditional Deviled Eggs for those who love an old-fashioned favorite, as well as Piccata Deviled Eggs for people who favor an Italian flair. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong, so get cracking!

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