Pressure Cook Your Favorites

Pressure Cook Your Favorites

Pressure cooking in your Smart Cooker is an excellent choice for fixing up foods like beans and tough cuts of meat, as they become amazingly tender. However, our CHEF iQ recipe developers have discovered that even some unexpected foods perform surprisingly well under pressure.

“Boiled” Eggs

Pressure cooking separates yolk and egg whites beautifully, resulting in a big batch of perfectly soft, medium, or hard “boiled” eggs with easy peeling. For general egg cooking timing and tips, use the calculator on the CHEF iQ App. For an egg-cellent appetizer, try out our zingy Piccata Deviled Eggs Guided Cooking recipe.


Risotto is notorious for its long cooking time and constant need for stirring. However, you can serve up this Italian staple in half the time by using your Smart Cooker. After a brief sauté with some aromatics, the rice pressure cooks to a creamy consistency in as little as six minutes. Cook our creamy Parmesan Risotto With Peas for an easy crowd-pleaser.


Baking cheesecake traditionally in the oven can be a production with water baths and precise timing to avoid cracks. By “baking” it with the pressure cook function in your Smart Cooker, you can create a perfect moist environment that produces the creamiest results. We love our Guided Cooking recipes for Lemon Cheesecake and kid-friendly Peanut Butter & Jelly Cheesecake.


Cook boil-free, one-pot pasta to a perfect al dente with pressure. You can add the pasta right along with the sauce ingredients in our Creamy Crab Pasta, Penne With Pancetta and Vodka Sauce, and classic Cacio e Pepe.