Picking Pumpkin Species

Oct 26, 2020

It’s pumpkin season, and there are a wide variety of gourd-eous selections to bring home from the patch. Among the classic orange carving pumpkins are hundreds of types of edible and decorative pumpkins. Below, learn about a few of our top pumpkin picks.

Japanese Pumpkin 
Better known as kabocha squash, this delicious pumpkin has deep green skin and bright orange, dense flesh that holds up well to braising and roasting. One of our favorite ways to cook it is in our Korean-Braised Short Ribs.

Autumn Gold 
This classic orange pumpkin has firm flesh and is perfect for pie filling. The smooth, round shape also makes it ideal for carving spooktacular jack-o’-lanterns.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin 
This squat, pale, buff-colored pumpkin boasts super creamy, sweet flesh that purées beautifully. Use it for savory soups, soufflés, sweet pies, or even stuffing and roasting whole.

Marina di Chioggia
This colorful squash, also called the Venetian sea pumpkin, has blue, bumpy skin, and deep orange and tender flesh. This pumpkin variety is revered in Italian cuisine. Use this special squash in gnocchi, ravioli, and risotto dishes.

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