How to Beef up Your Cheeseburger

How to Beef up Your Cheeseburger


There’s no better way to ring in National Cheeseburger Day than to indulge in some perfectly-cooked patties. No matter how you dress up your burgers, the beef is the star of the show. Below, find tips on how to use your CHEF iQ Smart Cooker to serve up some bodacious burgers for your next barbecue.


Choose Your Blend Wisely

The fat content of your beef will impact the texture and flavor, and the fattier the beef, the better. We recommend using a ground chuck blend with an 80% lean to 20% fat ratio. This offers up just the right amount of fat to keep your burger moist while also delivering a classic bite. Lower-fat blends will still taste meaty, but they may not turn out as juicy.


Use a Light Hand

There are many techniques to choose from when shaping burger patties, from the famed smash burger to the cheese-filled Juicy Lucy. For a foolproof approach, weigh out six ounces of ground chuck using your Smart Cooker’s handy built-in scale. Next, lightly pack the meat together into a firm and even round shape. It is important to handle the meat gently, because when you overpack your beef, you create dense protein structures that can make your burger rubbery and tough. Once you’ve shaped the burgers, make a slight indentation with your thumb on the top of each patty. This will prevent your burger from ballooning once it hits the sizzling oil.


Avoid Pre-Salting

Seasoning matters greatly when it comes to the fate of your food, but the sequence is equally as integral. While most foods should be seasoned early and often, burgers shouldn’t be seasoned until right before cooking. Premature salting can break down the proteins in the meat, which will dry out your burgers.


Turn up the Heat

Burgers are browned best under high heat. When using your CHEF iQ Smart Cooker, we recommend using the High Sauté option to develop a crisp, evenly cooked exterior while still maintaining a juicy interior. These high temperatures allow a thin and light crust to form quickly without overcooking your burger. Pop your patty in a bun and top with cheese, condiments, and veggies of your choosing!