Farmers Market Guide

Farmers Market Guide

If you want to enjoy fresh, local produce picked at its peak, look no further than your local farmers market. Not only are you guaranteed to find delicious food, but you’ll also be supporting your local small farms – and likely getting a great deal, too.

If you’re a farmers market novice, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate a sea of vendors boasting their own selection of locally-sourced ingredients and prepared foods. No worries, we’ve compiled our farmers market know-how to help you make the most of your next visit:


Do your research

Search the web to explore when and where nearby markets are happening. Some websites will also list their vendors and what produce they’ll be selling that day, perfect for list-lovers and shoppers on a tight schedule.

Time your visit right

If you want the best pick of the produce, arrive as soon as the market opens. Some of the best produce is sure to sell out fast, however, if you’re looking for deals, you may want to show up near closing time, as vendors may offer a discount rather than discarding leftover produce.

Browse before you buy

It may be tempting stock up at the first stand you see, but trust us, you’re better off resisting. You may find the peaches more fragrant at another stall or an entirely new fruit you’d rather try. If possible, we recommend doing a lap to get an idea of all that’s available before buying. Pro tip: Stands in less central locations may even offer better prices, don’t forget them!

Bring a reusable bag & cash

Bringing your own reusable tote is a great way to exercise sustainability, which is a key value in the fabric of farmers markets. Also keep in mind, small business owners may prefer – or only accept – cash. Bring along your small bills just in case a vendor you love can’t make change.

Explore & ask questions

There’s often more than just produce sold at farmers markets. You can often find delicious baked goods, ethically-raised meat, and even handmade crafts including jewelry, candles, clothes, and art. Be open to the possibilities and ask questions. One of the most authentic experiences of shopping at a farmers market is getting to know the farmers and artisans sharing their goods with the local community, and they’re usually more than happy to share their tricks of the trade–All you have to do is ask.