Easy End-of-Summer Eats

Easy End-of-Summer Eats


Summer is coming to a close, and while the heat may be persistent, we’re keeping cool in the kitchen with easy, breezy Guided Cooking recipes that feature peak-season ingredients without any extra effort.


Here’s what we’ve got cooking this week:


Lobster Rolls

Few things say summer as quintessentially as lobster rolls. Our recipe makes the process manageable by skipping the whole live-lobster cooking part; just pressure cook the tails to wonderful tenderness. Let’s be real, we all prefer the tail meat anyway.


Vietnamese Noodle Salad

When we get hit with a surprisingly hot September day, we turn to this bright, bold, and (most importantly) cold vegetarian main. It’s also a fantastic recipe to use up your herb garden bounty, as it features a ton of fresh mint, basil, and cilantro.


Salmon Burgers

After a summer of barbecues, we’re getting tired of the typical beef burger. Thankfully, we can whip these up, including the homemade aromatic tarragon mayo topping, in 30 minutes or less. Feeling like a little more lounging and a little less prep? Top the burgers with your favorite jarred tartar sauce instead.


Peach Crumble

We sure will miss fresh, slurp-worthy peaches. Until they go, we’re enjoying them every way possible. Our old-fashioned crumble packs in eight of them and is ready to eat in about a half-hour. Enjoy it warm and topped with ice cream.