An Intro to Veganism

An Intro to Veganism

You may have noticed that the CHEF iQ App allows you to filter recipes by diet. One option is vegan. But what does that mean exactly?

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. Though perhaps most obvious in diet, veganism can extend to other parts of one’s life, such as eschewing anything made of leather. While there are distinctions between the differing kinds of vegans, our focus is on dietary. The recipes labeled as vegan on the App don’t even contain “hidden” traces of animal products, such as the collagen used in gelatin. However, they may sometimes include an animal product, such as cheese, optionally.

So, how do vegan and vegetarian differ? It’s mostly a matter of degree. While most vegetarian diets are plant-based, a vegetarian may also consume eggs, honey, dairy, and possibly other products deriving from animals. 

For most vegans, the choice of omitting animal products is a moral one. Though specific reasons vary, most choose a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, believing that all creatures have a right to life. Others may do so more for environmental or health reasons. If you are curious about veganism, we recommend trying at least one day a week where you avoid all animal products, which is easy enough to do thanks to the delicious vegan recipes you can make in your Smart Cooker!