All-Star Ingredients: May Produce Picks

All-Star Ingredients: May Produce Picks

The month of May holds much promise and excitement for produce. Fantastic seasonal finds, such as garlic scapes and fava beans, are fully stocked at the farmers' market. In many parts of the country, spring favorites are in full swing. Here are a few that we’re excited about right now.

Artichokes, prickly thistle-like plants, are packed with nutty vegetal flavor. Though they are available all year, they’re freshest in warmer weather. Although they’re a bit labor intensive because you need to trim them and remove the choke in the center, these harbingers of spring are worth the extra work. Try our classic Stuffed Artichokes to see what we mean. Even better, you can often find baby artichokes this time of the year. These smaller versions don’t usually have a choke, which means you can simply slice or dice them to add to a frittata or pasta.   

As the month is coming to a close, fantastic seasonal finds, such as spinach, are readily available. In-season spinach, especially baby spinach, makes for a flavorful salad base. Use this leafy green for classic Creamed Spinach to enjoy with a succulent grilled steak. For a lighter meal, try our lovely Linguine with Ricotta and Spinach. 

Strawberries are a springtime staple. Perfectly ripe strawberries need little in the way of preparation—just hull and enjoy. The juicy berries also pair well with all kinds of Smart Cooker desserts, too, including our Lemon Cheesecake, Rice Pudding, and even Chocolate Lava Cake. Or, if you have an abundance or they are getting slightly soft, use them to make our Mixed Berry Jam.