How to pick better fresh cornūüĆĹ





We love cooking with fresh corn in the summer, but this husked veggie can be a bit hard to read. Unlike bell peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini, corn requires a bit more inspection to ensure you're buying it at its best.

No worries, we've compiled a list of¬†signs that you've got the cream of the crop ‚Äď and signs that you've got a flop.¬†Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs of fresh, ready-to-eat corn:¬†¬†

Bright green, tightly wrapped husk Small, brown holes or loose husk (this could be a sign of insects)
Sticky, light brown threads  Dry, black threads (these are past their prime)
Plump, full kernels  Dry or missing kernels (squeeze husked cobs to determine this one)
Milky, pale yellow kernels  Dark brown or slimy kernels (this is the first sign of molding)
Fresh, sweet aroma  Funky aroma (more prominent with the husk intact)