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Cook Control

Choose your doneness and monitor your cook's progress from the iQ app.

Live Cooking Alerts & Timer

Easily monitor your cook's progress with Cook Control and track internal and ambient temperatures in real-time.

Instacart Integration

Meal prep and shop for ingredients with our seamless Instacart integration.

Step-by-Step Videos

Follow along to hundreds of guided cooking recipes for simple instructions and delicious meals.

Hundreds of Recipes

Browse over 700 guided cooking recipes from our in-house culinary experts.

Cook Control
Live Cooking Alerts & Timer
Instacart Integration
Step-by-Step Videos
Hundreds of Recipes

Customers Love It

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Steve GowSmoke Trails BBQ

“The CHEF iQ is just a great wireless probe thermometer…It has built-in WiFi, so I always have a connection. It has great Bluetooth range when there’s no internet available. The ambient sensor is accurate in stable temperature environments…”


Mike ProsperoU.S. Editor-in-Chief

"Anyone with a passing knowledge of how to use a smartphone will find the CHEF iQ’s screen a cinch to use, and anyone with a smartphone will like that they can monitor the CHEF iQ remotely. Additional features such as the built-in scale and recipes in the CHEF iQ app make this pressure cooker all the more richer."

Tom's Guide

Greg M.Ballistic BBQ

“As far as thermometers are concerned, this is flawless. The app is extremely easy to use and interfaces quickly with the hub...I endorse it. I think it’s a great product.”


Angela MoscaritoloManaging Editor, Consumer Electronics

"But the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker stands out for its sleeker design, built-in scale, and a more beginner-friendly app that takes the guesswork out of pressure cooking. That makes it one of the smarter multi-cookers we've tested, and a worthy alternative to the Instant Pot."


Cameron JadeAlderandJade

“My chicken was perfect, and it didn’t even look like I used the thermometer. So perfect! I put it back in its hub to recharge it for next time. I swear this could be quite a crutch for perfect meat every time. I am beyond impressed! Totally recommend this product. Absolutely love it!”


Joe RayWIRED Contributor

"On the pot itself, you can pour in half a bag of those black beans, which, by weight, tell it how much water you'll need. You can then weigh the water as you pour it in, then close the lid and hit Start. The CHEF iQ sets the time, pressure, and even type of pressure release. See how nice that is?"



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